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   Petplan Equine Horse Insurance Overview



Petplan Equine Horse Insurance


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Horse Insurance from Petplan Equine

Petplan® Equine has been a leading horse and rider insurance provider since 1988.  They are known for their professionalism and specialist knowledge of the equine market and are dedicated to providing their customers with great products and excellent customer service. 

® Equine Horse Insurance offers you:

  • A flexible policy that suits you and your horse’s needs

Cover for death and loss by theft or straying as standard

  • Optional vet fees cover for injury and illness, including diagnostics and complementary treatment recommended by a vet
  • Optional personal accident cover for anyone aged 5-75 years handling or riding your horse with your permission
  • Third Party Liability cover up to £3million per incident
  • Straightforward cover with no hidden extras. Petplan Equine offer clear maximum benefit levels and simple fixed excesses with no additional percentage to add

Terms, conditions and excesses apply

Veteran Plan offers you:

  • A value for money package offering essential cover for horses and ponies aged 17 years and over
  • Payment of up to £1,500 following the death of your horse due to injury
  • Optional vet fee cover paying up to £1,000 towards treatment for each unrelated injury
  • A choice of personal accident cover including dental treatment for the rider or handler
  • Optional cover for your saddlery and tack if it is damaged, lost or stolen

Terms, conditions and excesses apply

Rider Plan offers you:

  • A choice of personal accident cover for riders aged 5 to 75  years
  • Payment of up to £50 for every 24 hours you stay in hospital
  • Tuition fees for riders aged under 18 years if they cannot attend classes because of a riding injury
  • Emergency vet's fees up to £1,500 for the horse being ridden
  • Cover for your riding equipment if it is lost or damaged

Terms, conditions and excesses apply




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